Monday, August 18, 2014

Dallas 4 yr Update

I noticed I never put an update on how Dallas is doing, so here we go!

At her latest doctor visit in May, she was 33.4lbs and 3 ft 5inches tall. She is still in the 90th percentile for height and in the 25th percentile for weight, just where she was when she was born! She wears size 2T-3T in shorts, size 4T-5T in adjustable waist long pants and size 5T shirts for length.

At four years old, she is very well potty trained (she trained in January of this past year at 3.5). She takes herself to the potty with no problems and has never had an accident. She night-time trained very quickly, just a few weeks after she daytime trained. She sleeps around 11 hours at night with no nap.

She gets herself dressed unassisted every morning now and can pick out coordinating clothing very well. It is rare that I have to tell her to choose a different outfit to wear! She loves to wear clothing sets and makes different shoe choices often!

Her speech continues to improve, she now communicates her feelings without too much of an issue. Her vocabulary remains limited, however, so we are working on that with lots of books and reading time!

Dallas loves imaginative play - she can keep herself occupied for hours alone, playing with Minnie Mouse sets, blocks, Little People and other small toys. Sometimes this is a problem for her little sister, who always wants to play with her! Still working on getting her to share better with Dahlia too.

For her 4th birthday, she was gifted her first bicycle with training wheels from us, and although the first couple of times riding it were rough as she tried to figure it out, she has really gotten the hang of it and now rides with ease around the block!

She loves our cats, and enjoys picking them up and carrying them from one room to the other. Thankfully Luna and Pickles don't get too upset by this. She will say her favorite pet is Luna, although she really loves Pickles too. She steers clear of Mrs. Weasley and her bad temper!

Dallas can now write her own name and knows most of her letters as well as numbers 1-20. She still has difficulty writing the "s" in her name, but we are working on it. She enjoys painting, coloring, cutting and pasting, and doing any sort of craft. She loves to sing songs together.

High energy, outgoing and adventurous, Dallas rarely complains when we are doing something new together. She can hike for hours by herself and enjoys time in the forest exploring. Her favorite family activity is camping and she is becoming a real water bug!

Favorite foods include anything that is sweet, tomatoes, greek yogurt with maple syrup, chili and spaghetti and Popsicles (does that count as food?). She is good about eating what we give her and is not picky, liking to try new things. She comes to the table asking us "What are we eating today?" and we repsond by saying things like, "Tonight we are having burgers and baked beans," to which she replies, "Oh, Mmmmm Baked Beans, I like baked beans!"

Goals for the Day and Week

Today I need to accomplish the following items:


Complete 3 loads of laundry from start to finish.

Fold and put away the laundry.

Vacuum the rug in bedrooms and living room.

Kitchen and Cooking

Wash and freeze fresh tomatoes.

Take second tomato bag to put in the downstairs freezer.

Make a menu plan and shopping list for the upcoming week. Include soups and salads.


Grocery shop with Brittney at Aldi if time allows.

Make a list for CVS, Target and Walgreens.

Buy a cup for Dallas' preschool.

Decide on what books to order online for upcoming year.


Read 1 chapter of the Read Aloud Handbook.

Read 5 pages of a real estate book.

Read 30 minutes to the girls.

I will come back later and post my weekly goals!