Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby C's Nursery

Yesterday I was hard at work getting Baby C's nursery together. We don't have a whole bunch of stuff for this baby, but I like it that way since it keeps things simple and clutter to a minimum. The only items we have bought thus far are the crib and the changing table. Since we fully expect lots of Campbell kids, we wanted to get those new. We didn't pay much for them either- the crib was $79 at IKEA and the matching changing table was $40.

My mom gave me her rocking chair (it was a wedding gift to her from my grandparents), which I love. We already had the canoe-shaped bookshelf (it used to be in our old living room). Most of the books we bought at a library book sale where we filled a resuable bag with used children's books for only $4. The storage drawers used to be in our closets, but they don't fit in our new apartment's closet, so we are using them as a dresser for the baby. The filing cabinet really didn't have a home, so I just put it in here and will use the drawers for more storage.

Sometime this week, we plan on making some shelving for the walls. We have an old tabletop from an IKEA desk that we are going to cut into shelves. It cost less than a $1 for a set of shelving brackets at Home Depot, so it's a nice frugal project! I am going to spray paint the shelves white.

I packed some more items in the hospital bag, and I also organized the diaper bag. I feel much more prepared for baby C's arrival! The only things left to do is freeze a few more meals, install the carseat and purchase a few more non-necessary but nice-to-have items (diaper genie, baby monitor, bouncy seat, moby wrap- purchased 2nd hand of course). I plan on tackling these tasks this week!

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