Monday, June 20, 2011

Garage Sale Season Finds!

I love garage sale season around here! In our region, we usually have sales running from Thursday to Sunday! Enough to keep you busy for some time! I typically plan out my route by Wednesday or Thursday and hit the sales hard on Thursday and Friday mornings. Towing an active 1 yr old along does make for a challenge, and I really have to limit my time spent at each sale as well as the number I visit. However, I've been able to score some great deals nonetheless!

Some of my finds include:
  • 2 patio chairs for $1 each
  • 1 "baby" folding lawn chair for $1
  • an outdoor toddler slide for $1
  • Tons of name-brand baby and toddler clothes for under 25 cents a piece!
My main objective this season is to stock up on clothing for Peanut and little Snowflake. Since we've decided to wait on finding out the gender once again, I'll need more gender neutral clothing this time around since all we had before were a few newborn pieces. This baby is also going to be born in the winter, whereas Peanut was born in the summer, so we'll need warmer items as well. (Peanut was actually born during one of the hottest summers on record. It was sweltering hot, with heat warnings throughout the entire summer! I spent many days just trying to keep the poor baby from sweating to death, lol). I also plan on stocking up the clothing bins for Peanut until next summer, and I've been able to find some great items for her that are just adorable! Although it is hard to imagine that she will one day fit into some of these clothes, I know she will be there before I know it!

I love how much money we save by shopping at garage sales! We've set up a garage sale budget for the summer, and we try to keep it open for unexpected finds that are too good to pass up. At the end of the season, I will post pictures of all the clothing I've been able to buy shopping this way as well as some of the other major finds of the season!

Do any of you shop at garage sales?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I luuuv me some garage sales.