Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Month Old!

Snowflake turned one month old a week or so ago, and she is growing like crazy! She weighed around 10lbs and is almost 22 inches long! She has been such a laid back baby compared to her older sister, which has been somewhat of a relief for Mommy and Daddy! She is already a very efficient nurser as well, and I am not struggling with a low supply like last time either. Already she is fitting into size 3-month clothing, which her sister did not fit into until 4 months! It amazes me how different they are!

Peanut has been quite the little helper with her sister- trying to soothe her when she cries, bringing her blankets and stuffed animals and sippy cups! Whenever I need to change, bathe or nurse Snowflake, Peanut is at my feet, watching and trying to be as helpful as she can at this age. It is so precious to see them together and the love she has for her baby sister!

Because it is winter, we have stayed inside a lot this past month to protect Snowflake from the germs out there. Cabin fever is beginning to get the best of us however, so we will be resuming our normal activities soon!

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