Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taking 2 Under 2 to the Doctor Together

Today I finally took Peanut and Snowflake to the doctor for their well-visits. Peanut is 3 months behind and Snowflake is already 1 month behind! Chalk it up to a newborn in the house, juggling schedules and laundry! We finally found a local doctor to take them to, so at least I did not have to drive 1 hour away for it!

It seems no matter how much you might prepare to go out with 2 little ones, something always slows you down! Almost upon entering the doctor's office, Peanut started on her little charade of not wanting anything to do with the items I had brought with me to occupy her. Filling out double the amount of paperwork while rocking a starting-to-fuss baby in her carseat, and also trying to keep a toddler from taking away your pen and throwing a full-on fit does not usually bode well for the visit!

Peanut is also deathly afraid of anything to do with doctors and doctor visits, including simple procedures such as standing on a scale or up against a wall for height checks. Try to get near her with a stethoscope or other routine medical device and you might as well be torturing her!

I was at least happy to get both of their visits done at once (and they both checked out very healthy!), but it was not the most fun of times. I think in the future, I will have Daddy C come with us or arrange to only take one at a time. It was hard to give much focus on either one while the doctor was examining them.

Thankfully, towards the end when Peanut had all about had it, and Snowflake was starting her demands for a feeding, I quickly spotted a bowl of suckers on the checkout counter. Although I don't normally give Peanut sweets, this was one of those instances where you all but shout a praise to God that they appeared! I was able to get them both out without incident and buckled back into their carseats. On the ride home, Snowflake promptly fell asleep, completely worn out from the event, and Peanut proceeded to cover herself in a sticky mess in her attempt to chew the sucker rather than suck it... which is another story for another day.

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