Friday, January 3, 2014

Money Saving Tip: Buy Outerwear One Size Up!

Here's a quick money saving tip! Instead of buying the current size for your child in a winter jacket or snow gear, buy the next size up. This way, not only will they fit for the current season, but they will be able to wear them in the beginning of next season as well! By the time they start to grow out of it, you can pace yourself looking for clearance sales since you'll know in advance they need a new one while the current one still fits. We did this with winter coats for our girls last year and it has worked out perfectly. Same with snow pants. As a bonus, we were prepared with snow gear that still fit once the early October storm came through this year. And we had time to shop for sales and get the best deal on new coats. We bought Peanut's new ski-jacket (originally $40) for just $16. Today we scored Snowflake a similar jacket for $17 (originally $33). Both of their new jackets will fit until mid winter next year since we bought a size up too! I sometimes do this one size up thing with clothes if I know it will work ok while they grow into it. Think sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings and tights. I don't recommend doing this with shoes though haha!

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