Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dahlias 2.5 yr Update

Able to ride tricycle really well now

Starting to protest naps but still needs one.

Talking very well, mostly clear. Says things like "no mommy I want to do it myself!" "I'm hungry!" "Uh huh" "I want to jump in the pool!" "Daddy changed me." On and on lol

Pees on the potty if I take her on a regular basis. Still in the beginning stages of potty training though. Has pooped on potty 1 time.

Plays well with Dallas, follows her and does everything with her, they are best friends.

Favorite foods are crackers, spaghetti, Mac and cheese, cereal and cookies! Loves popcorn and Popsicles. And suckers. Hates veggies and fruits except bananas! Have to make her take 3 bites though or sneak them in. Picky eater.

Favorite toys are her green lovey (she still sleeps with it), Minnie Mouse and other stuffed animals, her tricycle, jewelry and little people.

Very demanding and insistent at this she. She yells what she wants and gets angry easily, very intense tantrums!!

Is usually covered in bruises or scrapes because she is always on the go go go or climbing and falling!

Last antibiotic was October 2013 for upper respiratory infection that we all had. Had a bad winter with lots of colds including bronchitis. Managed to avoid more antibiotics though.

She takes a multivitamin with iron, occasional B12 and cod liver oil. Juice daily and sometimes gets emergen C drink with 1/2 gram vitamin C.

Loves preschool Sunday school class and goes with Dallas.

26lbs, 30 inches tall at 2 yrs 5 months. Still sucks thumb a lot. Takes a nap in mommys bed!

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