Monday, May 24, 2010

Apartment Vegetable Gardening

I'm a plant lover. I spend part of my days writing about gardening, yet I've never had the opportunity to plant my own. This is due to the lack of outdoor space in the Campbell household. But now that we have a fabulous little balcony that receives a fair amount of sun, I am determined to create one!

To start off with, I planted a tomato plant, zucchini plant, cilantro and some inpatients. I think they look lovely, and I can't wait until they start to bear fruit.

I choose to plant more vegetables than flowers, because Mommy C is frugal and thrifty at heart. I'm hoping these veggies will provide fresh produce for Daddy C and Baby C. We like to buy organic, and that can get expensive. By growing our own, I'll save us some cash (that is, unless something dreadful happens to them)!

The cost of the veggies were just slightly more than what I would pay at the store for them: $5 for the tomato plant, $3 for cilantro and $2 for zucchini. I also had to buy the pots, but hopefully that's a one-time purchase (provided the Campbell cats do not break them :-/)

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