Friday, May 21, 2010

Countdown to Motherhood

In just a few weeks, I'll officially be a mother. Baby Campbell is due June 23rd, 2010. I would appreciate him or her not to be late. Even though we may call ourselves 'The Late Campbells', I really don't think it becomes our child to take upon that trait. We would like for him or her to be 'The Slightly Early Campbell' or 'The On Time Campbell'. But really, whenever he or she makes their entrance, we'll be thrilled nonetheless. Or petrified. Whichever you prefer.

This blog is about mothering- specifically, mothering that is done via a blindfold. Why a blindfold? Because I am going about this blindly, having no experience whatsoever, unable to see ahead a few days at a time. I'm taking things as they come, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Rest assured, I will be trying my best. But don't count on perfection, folks!

A little background about our family, the Campbells: Daddy Campbell met Mommy Campbell (who at the time was not a Campbell, but very soon would realize the importance of becoming one) at college. It was love at first sight. No, really. The stuff from storybooks. There was never any doubt how much Mommy C and Daddy C loved each other. After 9 months of dating, Daddy C proposed while on a picnic by a pond under a huge oak tree. 5 months later, Mommy C officially became a Campbell.

Daddy C and Mommy C still had to finish school, so they were your typical poor college students until that was over. They lived in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment in a quaint little town they adopted as their own. The kitchen did not have any counter space and the boiler heater occasional would break in the cold, winter months. After 5 months of fresh marriage, they decided it was time to begin expanding the family. They looked on craigslist and adopted a kitten, whom they named Mrs. Weasley. Shortly after, they moved into a larger apartment with better heating and a few feet of counter space.

Mommy C graduated one semester ahead of Daddy C, so she started writing part-time and took upon the responsibility of full-time homemaker. Daddy C was a little unmotivated when he begun college, so it was taking him longer to get his degree. During this time, they expanded their family once more. Mommy C's aunt convinced her to take in an abandoned kitten. They drove to the country and picked her up, rightfully naming her Luna Lovegood.

As Daddy C completed his final semester of schooling, Mommy C discovered their family was not done growing just yet. She went in the bathroom with a little stick and came out with interesting results. Mommy C was pregnant! It was quite an emotional time discovering this piece of news, and immediately the word spread that there would soon be a Baby Campbell.

During her pregnancy, Mommy C battled intense morning sickness but was aided by the use of sea-bands and crackers. She and Daddy C also decided to move out of their quaint little town after Daddy C had graduated. They did not have many friends in the small town, and Daddy C had more opprotunities for his job in a different city. So, they stuffed the cats into their carriers (which, mind you, took the better part of 2 hours as they scampered away, running in circles inside an empty apartment), and traveled an hour and a half away back to Daddy C's hometown. They moved into another apartment with even more counter-space and better heating. They even had a tiny balcony they could call their own (well, as long as they continued paying rent!).

Now, two months later, Mommy C is getting tired of being pregnant. Daddy C has a new job downtown, which he commutes to everyday. And Luna Lovegood and Mrs. Weasley have declared the not-yet-completed nursery as their own.

More fun facts about the Campbells:
  • We're thrifty and are trying to pay off our student loans in two to three years
  • We love the outdoors and are usually spotted camping across the nation (or just our state)
  • We like to backpack in the wilderness and plan to introduce Baby Campbell to it as soon as possible
  • We love books, the library and literature
  • We try to cook all our meals at home and don't like preservatives
  • We like to go out for ice-cream
  • Daddy C is an aspiring tri-athlete and Mommy C enjoys running (when not pregnant, of course!)
  • We try to keep our 'stuff' to a minimum (although this is partly out of necessity from living in a small space)
  • We're Christians who love discovering God's goodness in life

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