Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Best

Yesterday we went to church, and I dressed little Peanut and myself up to make a good impression. Since it was the first day of our new membership classes, we would be meeting quite a few people, and so, Peanut needed to look adorable :D. I put her in a cute dress with a matching giant flower headband. And since I knew I might have to NIP (nurse in public), I wore a nice nursing tank with a white sweater.

We ended up being a tad bit late to the service, but that's pretty much how all of our life is now that Peanut is here! Our church is rather large (sanctuary can sit over 10,000 or something like that), and we normally sit in the second balcony so I can slip away with Peanut if need be.

Well, as you can guess and probably already see this coming, I did need to slip out. Just a few moments after the sermon had started, I finished nursing Peanut and had her sitting in my lap. She was sucking on her fingers and very content. Daddy C and Mommy C were extremely proud of their little baby!

Then, the explosion happened. Oh, yes.

I quickly walked out of the sanctuary and looked around for the family restroom. I didn't see it, so I peered through the women's restroom searching for a changing table. However, there was none to be found. Desperate, I popped into the cry-room and asked other parents for directions to the family restroom, which I KNEW had a changing table in it. It had to, right?

A particular lady was very helpful, and she walked me to it (which just so happened to be right in front of the women's restroom, meaning I must have been blind not to have seen it!). She was quite kind and asked me if I needed any help. Since I only needed to change a diaper (I was unaware that it had exploded at this point), I though this strange and replied, 'No, thank you!'. But as I shut the door and turned to face the mirror, I discovered a horrific discovery and the reason why she had offered to help.

Poop was everywhere.

All over Peanut. All over me!

I stood there, feeling completely helpless for a couple of seconds, wondering how on earth I was going to be able to clean this gigantic mess up.

My white sweater was covered in yellow poo. So was Peanut's dress, and bloomers, and socks, and bib, and hands, and feet and stomach- you get the picture.

And if you were wondering, YES, she was wearing the dreaded HUGGIES (I had so many in my stockpile that were free, I figured maybe they wouldn't be so bad- WRONG!!)

And no, there wasn't a changing table! So I had to plop Peanut next to the sink.

Luckily, I had worn a black tank top, so although it was soaked after being scrubbed to death in attempt to rid it of all poo smell, you couldn't really tell. And luckily, I had a plastic baggie to put all the poo covered clothing in until we could get home to wash it properly. I ended up having to wash Peanut's whole body under the running facet and dried her off with paper towels. It took me the remainder of the church service to get both her and I cleaned up and somewhat presentable for our class that was to follow. But I still smelled like baby poo.

Peanut must have sensed how distressing this whole episode was, because she was perfectly content for the rest of the time we were at church. People didn't seem to notice she was once a poo-covered-baby either, although I'm quite certain they probably thought, 'Hmmm, that baby sure smells funky....'

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