Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not all diapers are created equal...

Due to my uncanny ability to unearth good deals on diapers during the last months of my pregnancy, we have quite the stash under Peanut's crib. I'm not brand loyal to much of anything, the lowest price generally gets my attention, so we've used several diaper brands on Peanut.

The first ones were Luvs, which worked quite well, until she outgrew them. Next, we tried out the Target-brand diapers, which, although a bit more roomy, proved to result in fewer diaper blowouts. We've also used Pampers here and there (I had an odd assortment of free samples), but the super-absorbency of these preemies made it difficult to tell when she had peed. Now, I'm just getting into my Huggie's stash. And I've come to the conclusion- I HATE Huggies.

Now, given that Huggies diapers are more expensive (regular-priced, not Mommy C-priced) than either Luvs or the Target brand diapers, this comes as a shock. I don't know why they think making diapers super snug, fitting almost like underwear, will be good for babies. Especially babies that tend to let loose with such force their parents have resorted to yelling, 'Release the Cracken!' every time she relieves herself. The inevitable result is poo spilling out from all sides, seeping onto all sorts of pretty outfits Mommy C proudly put together, often just moments ago. And usually, she is being held during these times of tiny explosions, meaning Mommy C or Daddy D end up covered in the poo as well, forcing them to change into a new outfit of their own.

The result of all these Huggie blowouts is that I have a never-ending volume of laundry to attend to each day. What used to be one load a week before Peanut was born has morphed into one load a day. This gets complicated quickly considering I usually forget to turn a load over or don't have time to fold the finished load from the day before. And although a distant memory chants, "sort the whites, separate the colors, add the bleach, apply stain remover", my frazzled self does not stop to listen. Which results in more problems since poor Peanut now has ample amounts of poo stained clothing in shades of yellow-orange.

So, although I may occasionally pick up a package of Huggies Diapers in the future, they certainly don't make the Campbell Household Hall of Brands. Choose your diaper wisely!


Trish said...

That is so funny, Rachel! I actually exclusively used Huggies with Isaac..loved them then, but now with Simon (baby #3) they aren't our favorite either! We really like LUVS and the price is good too. We also like Walmart's Parent Choice brand. However, in our case, it doesn't matter what diaper he's wearing...it explodes everywhere! We're especially fond of straight up the back! heehee!

Good luck!

Rachel said...

We had a few sample huggies and did not like them at all! We have tried and liked Luvs, Parents Choice & Seventh Generation (when we use disposables!)

Try Charlie's Soap on the poo! When Paxton has an explosion I typically rinse in cold water & wash in Charlie's Soap. I have no stained baby clothes because of this!

Rachel said...

Rachel- Thanks for the tip! I definitely need to work on preventing more stains, lol