Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peanut's Aunty Graduates and The Near-Suffocation-Encounter

Peanut has so many extended family members. One of her favorites is Aunty who lives in Columbus. Aunty graduated this past weekend, and Peanut was so excited to see her get her diploma. I told Daddy C that would be Peanut one day, but he said 'not anytime soon!'.

She was good on the ride down and slept the entire time. Once she got there, however, she was a fussybutt, and I resorted to constantly nursing her to keep her from causing a scene. (I've gotten quite adept at nursing in public these days!). Grandma 1 helped out a bit but was busy trying to catch glimpses of Aunty through the stadium doors. Grandma 2 couldn't get over how cute Peanut was in her bonnet and booties and frilly dress and so had to call Aunty who lives in Washington DC to tell her and give her live updates on the other Aunty's graduation.

During the first nursing episode, I found a chair in a lounge so I could latch Peanut on. I have this excellent nursing cover to shield myself from view and prevent any boob exposure. Well, one of the staff members who was helping direct traffic saw me and Peanut. She walked right up to me and exclaimed in an outraged voice, "She's suffocating!!"

This old lady (and why, my dear friends, is it ALWAYS the older ladies?!) proceeded to tell me Peanut was uncomfortable and that 'so many people get carried away with that!'.

Uh, ok.

First, why would I suffocate my own child in public? And second, why would Peanut be uncomfortable when she is sucking happily away and cooing in contentment? And thirdly, WHO DOES THIS LADY THINK SHE IS?!?

No answer needed.

I stared that lady down like I was going to pounce on her. She got the picture and quickly walked away. I moved to another lounge. All was peaceful in the end. Aunty got her diploma and Peanut survived the nursing-cover-suffocation incident without a scratch. But older ladies should watch out- I've got my eye on them!

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HomemadeMother said...

Isn't it crazy when people give their own two-cents about child raising?! On one hand I find it really annoying, but on the other its nice to know people are looking out for my kids' well-being. Its takes a village, right?!

I love my hooter-hider. While I don't mind nursing in public, I use it whenever I sense that other people might be uncomfortable with the whole thing.