Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peanut's First Triathlon!

This past weekend, we took Peanut on her first road trip to Springfield, OH where Daddy C competed in his first Spring Triathlon (which he kicked butt at!). She did very good on the way down and promptly slept the entire way. Since this was the first time much of our extended family had seen her, she definitely needed the sleep! Upon arrival at Grandma 2's, she was showered with affection (perhaps a wee bit too much!) by aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Peanut was surprised to discover she had so many family members!

Although her naps were all over the place (ok, non-existant), Peanut did very well. At night, she slept like a pea in her travel bed, which I, Mommy C, was worried about. This is good news since next week we are going on vacation and she will not be sleeping in her crib for 5 nights! I know, what are we thinking?! Thus, the Springfield trip served as a trial run.

Peanut has been traveling since she was 2 days old, so I guess she is used to it. She always does well in the car, in fact, there have been many times when Daddy C and I have taken her for a ride in order to get her to sleep at night! (Shhh, don't tell!). It was fun to be around family, and I am glad Peanut has so many admirers. I'm so happy she is such a good little travel-bug.

Although, I have to say, she does have quite a bit of luggage. But that's another story...


jennohara said...

I'm glad she was so good in the car! My girls have always loved the car too. Probably because been on road trips since day one too! :D

jenny said...

way to go, peanut!