Thursday, October 21, 2010

Droughts and Debts

We've been busy these past few weeks over at the Campbell Castle. Now that we've paid off our first student loan, we are anxious to knock out the second one and so have been re-evaluating our budget, selling some unwanted furniture and brainstorming opportunities to save more money. Meanwhile, our pantry and fridge are getting a makeover as we hit up local farms weekly to stock up on local grown food and produce. And, as I'm sure many of you are busy doing, we're savoring the bit of fall that has finally come our way!

For months we've been in a drought around here with excessive temperatures breaking records daily. In fact, even though it is nearing the end of October, we have yet to turn on our heat and have even had the AC running quite a few days this month! But after nearly 6 months of summer temperatures, it seems the air is finally settling down to a more reasonable level, and I am so thankful for that!

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jessica swingle said...

the Campbell Castle! baaahaha.