Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sew Pretty and Chic

It's officially been years since I've touched my sewing machine. Although I was the girl who made her own prom dresses and delightedly dabbled in designing, sewing took a backseat once I left for college.

But this last week, I did sometime wacky. I dusted off that baby and ripped some seams! In effort to make our home decor more seasonal appropriate, I crafted up some pillowcases for my throw pillows. Cost per pillow? $2. Cost per Hobby-Lobby pre-crafted pillow? $25. Time spent sewing after years of rustiness? 3 hours. Savings per hour? $38. Huzzah!

This was even accomplished amongst a frantically fussy Peanut, who had no idea what her Mamma was doing and why she was being confined to her bouncy seat. Behold, the lengths one woman will go to in effort to save money for her family and still have a nice looking home!

And since my readers may be wondering how we're doing on paying down our pesky debt, I'll let you in on a little secret:

We paid off our first student loan!

Double huzzah!

Although we still have 3 other loans looming on the horizon, paying off that first one, no matter how small, feels fantastic.

And so, I think I just might whip out that sewing machine more often!

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