Friday, April 15, 2011

How does your garden grow?

We've planted our first garden here at the Campbell Castle, and as the lingering spring days continue to bring more sunshine, it's been such a blessing watching it grow!

Homemade rabbit sign: Rows of radishes:

A radish seedling!

Romaine lettuce and broccoli:

Our entire 10 by 15 plot (constructed entirely of salvaged materials!): We're so excited about growing some of our own food this year, allowing us to have extra fresh organic produce on hand while saving money at the same time!

*This post is part of Frugal Gardening 101, hosted by Getting Freedom From Debt.


Rachel said...

Love the Peter Rabbit sign!! :)

And I really love that you used all salvaged materials!!

Diana said...

Your romaine looks great! (Never done broccoli, but I'm sure it looks great too :) ) Thanks for posting pics!

Smockity Frocks said...

LOVE the sign! I hope you will add a link to our Frugal Gardening 101 linky so your readers can join the fun.

Phoebe @ GettingFreedom said...

Your garden is so beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Frugal Gardening 101! Do you mind including a link back in your post, so your readers can see the other tips, too? :)

SparingChange said...

Oh how I love gardens! Yours looks awesome! I cant wait to see the progress throughout the weeks. I planted some snow peas and one tomato plant so far. So much more to go!