Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Advice

I can't believe it's already the week of Thanksgiving! Time sure has snuck up on us, and Peanut will soon be chowing down on turkey and mashed potatoes. (Ok, well, maybe not turkey and mashed potatoes, more like breast milk! - hopefully)

We will be traveling to my original hometown for Peanut's first Thanksgiving, and I think she will be smothered by all her extended relatives who are anxious to see her.

What I'm not looking forward to...
  • "Are you STILL breastfeeding?!"
  • "She's still hungry, give her a bottle!"
  • "Why is she crying, she shouldn't be doing that" (after being handled for 2.5 hrs and needing a nap)
  • "She's not sleeping through the night YET? Something must be wrong, give her some cereal!"
  • "She's not bundled up enough. It's 50 degrees outside, she should wear a snowsuit!"
  • "You aren't giving her cereal? She needs it."
  • "Here, give her a spoonful of cranberry sauce. See if she likes it!"
  • "I don't think she's eating enough."
  • "She should be going 5 hours in between feedings by now."
  • ect. ect. ect.

My family does mean well, but sometimes advice and comments like the above are exhausting and demeaning. This is just the beginning of the holiday season (we will also be traveling for Christmas and New Years), so I guess I better get used to it quick.

So here's a reader question of the day - How do you handle unwanted advice and comments from relatives who disagree with your parenting choices?

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