Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving was a bit chaotic for us, having traveled 3 hours to stay with family over the weekend. Thankfully, Peanut was such a good baby the whole time, and we didn't have to deal with any crying outbursts or major upsets. Everyone was amazed how different she was from her last visit, remarking that she was indeed a different baby now that her colic was gone.

Peanut got passed around like a hot potato, and she loved every minute of the attention from her adoring extended family. She posed gracefully in photo after photo and kept smiling through all the kisses. On Sunday, when I picked her up from the church nursery, the nursery worker commented, "Oh. The Smiling Baby!"

It was a good visit, and despite my worries of unwarranted advice, all was well. I'm beginning to realize I truly am a first-time parent though, and perhaps my concerns make me seem a bit uptight at times. I can only pray for others to give me grace in this regard, as I am learning more and more each day what it truly means to be a mother and how to parent a growing child. I need the Lord's guidance now more than ever, and I am seeking that out with an open heart.

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