Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roll-y Poll-y

Peanut has really gotten the hang of rolling! Just look at this picture, and know that I originally put her down in the middle of that blankie. Barely 10 minutes had transpired when I returned to find my daughter completely on the other side! She gives me a look as if to say, "Well, you didn't really expect me to stay put did you?!"
This roll-y poll-y-ness means I can no longer leave her on the bed unattended. Even if she is in the center of the bed, surrounded by pillows and a sea of blankets. Ask me how I know! She must also be properly strapped into her swing and bouncy and placed far away from sharp table legs when on the floor least she knock her head into the side and leave an unattractive mark for others to wonder about.
Although many parents are no ready for their little one to roll and crawl, I am loving this stage in Peanut's life. Her colic is gone, and she is playful and content for longer periods of time. She grabs her feet and reaches for toys, which make playing with her so much more enjoyable. She even notices the cats and will stare at them for long periods of time as they make their way across the room (although they have learned to stay away from here unless they want a tiny hand firmly grasping their ears, tail and fur!).

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