Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The New Campbell Castle

On Friday, we closed on our very first home! We are beyond excited to own a home with a garage, a driveway and a backyard, and oh yes, 4 sides of windows! The Campbell Castle is more than just a unit now - it's an entire property complete with a moat (ok, so there's not a moat, but the fact that we could add one is terrific!).

One of reasons we love our new house is the impressive amount of natural light that shines through. See this picture? No artificial lights! Hooray!

This past weekend, we begun the work of preparing our move into the new home with necessary cleaning and painting. The house seemed like it hadn't been cleaned in years, but with a lot of enthusiasm, hard work and sore bodies later, we've made significant progress in getting the house ready. So far, we have painted the Master, the living room and the hallway. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room! The above photo is a before shot - I'll share an after photo after we have moved in and I've fixed it up.

It's going to be wonderful not only to be in our own home finally, but also to be near family. Already we have had such a stream of visitors willing to lend a helping hand! It's a blessing to have so many wonderful family members nearby, one that we will never take for granted again.

Peanut enjoyed the extra attention like always, and she took amazingly long naps in her new room while we were there! I think she is going to love the new house as much as we do!

The next few weeks will be busy with all the packing and planning for the big move. By far, this will be the biggest move we've ever attempted, but I'm sure everything will go smoothly provided we don't get too stressed! At least peanut is here reminding us to calm down and take breaks!