Monday, August 1, 2011

Walgreens and CVS Savings!

This month I am working on building up a stockpile of toiletry items as well as shelf stable food. Rob is going to build me a storage shelving unit for our basement to help make it easier to store it all. After comparing sale prices of storage shelving with the cost of building one ourselves, we figured we would be saving approximately $20-25 building one. We plan on having the 6ft by 3ft structure (with 5 shelving units) built by the end of this month.

In the meantime, I have been back at couponing full force lately. Yesterday I scored big at Walgreens and CVS by using coupons as well as the various store promotions. Here is what I got and what I paid:

  • 4 12-packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper
  • 1 Goody Hair Clip
  • 8-pk of Crayola Washable Markers
  • 12 oz bottle of Complete Multi-Purpose Solution
  • 1 box of Mac and Cheese
Total Spent after rewards and coupons: $12.50
Total Saved: $40+

  • 2 Skinny Cow candy bars
  • 1 Gillete Fusion Razor
  • 1 box of Kashi Cereal
Total Spent after rewards and coupons: $3
Total Saved: $16

We should be good to go on toilet paper until later this fall! This helps me to only pay the lowest possible price on such a frequently used item. We also have plenty of contact solution to keep our eyes in good health! I am so thankful for coupons and the items we can get for nearly free- it really helps stretch our tiny budget quite a bit.

Do you use coupons? Why or why not?


The Edvalsons! said...

What an awesome deal!!

Have you considered using "Family Cloth?" Like cloth diapers only toilet paper. :p Saves a bundle for us because our children and our new puppy have an obnoxious "unroll the toilet paper and chew on it" fetish.

Rachel said...

I have considered the idea of using cloth for like "number 1" but have not tried it out yet. Hubby still needs convincing! But I have managed to ditch paper towels at least. We do have a stash of cloth diapers, but with my lack of energy and the morning sickness I just recovered from, disposables are so much easier at the moment (I could never remember to keep up with the washing). I will only buy diapers if they are on sale for 10 cents a diaper and then use cloth for in between if necessary. But I agree, cloth all around is definitely the way to go!

-J said...

Followed the link from your comment at Money Saving Mom. I am a stay-at-home-wife, and consider it a great blessing. Having just celebrated our first anniversary, I don't know how I could have "done it all" *and* worked outside the home. Due to my husband's erratic schedule, if I worked outside the home, it would drastically cut down on the time we have together. For us, it has been a great option, and we're glad we're able to do this.