Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Minimalist Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Having another baby means our laundry has increased significantly. It's amazing how many loads a little life can create! I had been struggling to stay on top of it all, and it was becoming a bit of a problem. I decided to minimize all of our wardrobes in effort to streamline laundry by creating less to do and also forcing myself to keep up with it since I will have less to wear!

Here's a peak into our small closet! Yes, this is ALL of our clothing except for underwear, pajamas and socks!

As you can see, we have worked hard to narrow it down to only the items we love and wear! A few of our clothes were in the hamper this day, but not very many since I had just finished with the laundry.

Daddy C actually has MORE clothes than I do, but he needs more since he is the worship minister at our church and is in front of a lot of people every week. Even so, we narrowed his church shirts down quite a bit!

I keep my pants and hats on the top shelf. On the right I have my ball hat and sun hat as well as a clutch for special date nights. In the middle are what I like to call my "house-clothes" - a pair of shorts, capris and sweatpants. On the left I keep my jeans, nice capris and shorts.

I hang up all my shirts. We are in between seasons right now so I have tank tops as well as long sleeved shirts! My 2 tee-shirts were in the hamper this day. I keep my church clothes on the right followed by nursing tanks, nicer casual clothes and then on the left I keep my "house-clothes". I have 4 belts, but I think I may get rid of some of those too since I hardly wear them!

As you can see, Daddy C has a lot of shoes! He used to sell shoes for a living so that's how his collection began! In this picture I have 3 pairs of shoes not pictured- my tennis shoes, hiking boots and my casual slip on shoes. I have one pair of special occasion shoes, one pair of white sandals, black church shoes, summer sandals, slippers and crocs. I need to get some new flip flops for the summer as well since I threw my old ones out.

It has been so freeing to get rid of clothes we do not wear, old raggedy and ill-fitting clothes. This really was not that hard for me since I have been going through so many sizes with pregnancy in the past 2.5 years or so! I really did not have much that fit me! I still have a couple items I need to get to fill in some gaps, but now I can clearly see what we have and need and don't need! It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier!

I am working through Peanut's and Snowflakes clothing right now as well and will post as soon as I am done with that. It is much harder to narrow down children's clothing than adults, so I am moving slow on it!

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