Sunday, April 29, 2012

Planting Seeds in the Veggie Garden

Today was the perfect day to plant seeds in my vegetable garden. This week, the weather is warming up significantly, which will be good for seed germination. It's hard to believe that June is only a month away considering we just had sleet yesterday! I planted one bed for now and will plant more once it nears the end of May. Our beds are approximately 10 feet by 4 feet.

Here is a rough map of where I planted everything:
Last year, the only vegetable I started from seed were radishes. They were a huge success, so I am hoping for good results with others as well. I plan on buying some transplants from a nursery as well, as a kind of insurance against the seeds! I decided not to start my tomatoes indoors this year, so I will be buying transplants for those in particular. I plan on growing my tomatoes in place of the radishes once I harvest them. They will provide some shade for the turnips as well as the leaf lettuce. I'm also going to plant tomatoes in between the marigolds around my rosemary plant. That should also help shade the broccoli a bit. The peas are currently planted along a tall medal rod that is used for hanging baskets. I didn't plant very many since I need to get some sort of trellis in place in another area, but this will get us started.

One of my goals is to keep better records for this gardening season, so I will be blogging about my progress, updating my planting map accordingly. Once I get some things growing and transplanted, I will update with pictures too.

Have you started a garden yet? What are you planting?

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