Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have a Seat!

For a while now, Peanut has been attempting to sit unsupported, but she always came crashing down to the back or side or nose-dived forward. I've been putting her in the infant seat to help her sit up so she can play with her toys better (currently, her favorite thing to do is taking all of her toys out of the small box they are kept in and dropping them on the other side!). This past weekend, we ate in a couple resturants and tried putting her in the high chairs provided. This worked for about 5 minutes before she got tired and wanted to be held.

This week, however, she has begun sitting on her own for longer periods of time. She's not completely there yet, but has definitely come a long way! Hooray!


jennohara said...

Yay! It's always exciting when they learn to sit! She's adorable!

Brea said...

New follower here just wanting to say hi! Congrats on her sitting up! That's great! I look forward to more of your posts!! :)