Monday, January 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, as I was feeding Peanut her dinner (homemade baby food - sweet potatoes!), I felt a little "clink" when she chomped down on the spoon. Curious, I opened her mouth between bites.

Ah, yes!

A tooth!!

Peanut officially has sprouted her very first pearly white!

I would post a picture, but she never sits still long enough for me to take one. It's not a full blown tooth yet, but it's a tooth nonetheless. No wonder the poor baby was occasionally screaming out in her sleep!

My one concern with this tooth sprouting is that more are on the way. Aiy aiy aiy - teething babies are no fun :-( Luckily she will take a pacifier every now and then, so that helps sometimes. Oh, and the chewing, chewing, chewing on anything within her reach!

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